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Kevin G. Pace is an award-winning composer and musician. He has written numerous works in many different genres. His works include choral music, beginning to advanced piano solo, piano duet, and chamber music. His music ranges from sacred to blues to boogie to classical/romantic to modern. He lives with his beautiful wife and large dog in the Salt Lake valley. He has six children and twelve grandchildren. Kevin has a degree in music composition from the University of Utah.


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Classical / Contemporary
Most popular
  1. Boogie Impromptu No.2
    Blues / Boogie-woogie
  2. Blues in D minor
    Blues / Instrumental
  3. Jamaica
    Blues / Instrumental
  4. Tarantella
    Classical / Piece
  5. Robert E. Lee
    Blues / Blues-rock


17 June 2014, Article
Why I Write Music
1-It is extremely fulfilling to write music. 2-Writing music is simply very fun to do. 3-Creativity is a need; it is something I feel I need to do. 4-It can be challenging at times to write music.  I love a good challenge. 5-It is such a ...
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