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17 Jun 2014
Why I Write Music
23 reasons why I write music.

1-It is extremely fulfilling to write music.
2-Writing music is simply very fun to do.
3-Creativity is a need; it is something I feel I need to do.
4-It can be challenging at times to write music.  I love a good challenge.
5-It is such a rush to hear one's own music performed.  It is pure ecstasy to sit in a large concert hall and hear the sound of the music that I have written fill the hall, performed by incredibly talented musicians.
6-It gives meaning to my life.
7-I am driven to write music.
8-Writing music brings me joy.
9-My music often brings joy to others.
10-It is very satisfying to work long and hard on a piece of music until finally, it is just right.
11-It is absolutely amazing to start with a small idea and watch it grow into a wonderful, complete piece of music.
12-It is awesome to watch others be moved by my music.
13-Through my music, I can leave behind a legacy.  It is possible that my music will be performed long after I have left this earth.
14-Writing music is a way to express my emotions. 
15-I write music because I constantly have a tune running around in my head.  I just have to write it down. Sometimes it's good, sometimes not so good, but the tunes just keep coming.
16-On more than one occasion, after hearing a piece that I wrote, I've been told, "You were inspired!" It feels good to be inspired.  It feels even better when others feel that I was inspired. 
17-Writing music is a spiritual experience; it's connecting with a higher power; it's like receiving personal revelation.
18-Although it doesn't happen often, it's amazing when a piece of music comes to me quickly, as if it's just being given to me by some unseen force.
19-It's incredible to listen to a piece of music that I've written and wonder, "How did that music really come to life?  Where did it come from?  How did that happen?"
20-For me, writing music is somewhat of a mysterious process.  I don't know exactly how it happens, but it feels so absolutely good to be involved in the process.  And it is so amazing when the piece is finished.
21-My music can make others smile.  After hearing my string quartet (which had lots of pizzicato), a young lady told me, "I just couldn't quit smiling during that pizzicato section." I love to make others smile.
22-Writing music helps me cope with the difficulties and tragedies of life.  I began writing more in earnest after an intense personal loss in my life.  I don't know how others who don't write music deal with the stresses of life.
23-Ultimately, writing music is an exhilarating experience.  I am grateful every day of my life that I have the privilege of being a composer.



Michael Lofting
23 Jun 2014
Like your thoughts.
Number 13 is important to me as well.

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